Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's That Time Of The Month---Part II

Tigger: What? It's that time of the month again?
Tigger: How can I pass this time? What should I do... Ah! I've got it!!....
Tigger: I will put my honeybee sweater on so I'd look as skinny as a bee... Meow: But your stomach is still sticking out....
Tigger: I know, I know, I will sit up really straight so that I look like a skinny stick!
Meow: That might work if no one can see your lower section...
Tigger: But I am just a masculine boy! I even do push-ups in my sleep!
Tigger: You know what? I will just do my mountain lion act. Mom is always very impressed when I do that.

Kittymama: Tigger, 16.5lb! Same as before but your stomach seems to be bigger! Double your exercise time from tomorrow on!!


: Noooooooooooooooo! I like my sleeping time....
Tigger: Shuuuuuh....don't tell mom I am hiding in here....

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's That Time Of The Month...Part I

Meow: Get up sleepy head, this is not the time to sleep. We are in trouble. Don't tell mom I told you this, but --
Meow: I overheard her telling dad that it is our weight-in time again!!!
Beans: It's that time again? Shoot! I need to look skinnier...
Beans: Maybe if I stretch far enough I would look skinnier?....
Beans: Maybe if I just make myself throw up a bit, I'd loose some last minute weight....
Beans: Or if I just chop my head off so it wouldn't get weighted in....
Beans: I think I look thin enough to pass now....maybe....

"Kittymama: Beans, 13.5lbs!! 1.5lbs heavier than before, no canned food for one month!"

Beans: Noooooo!!!!!!
Beans: I love canned food. I can't live without it. I've been such a good boy, I always clean up after others. I should be rewarded, not punished!
Beans: I will starve to death. I will! Really! I will!!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

My Vita-Mix, My Breakfast

Now this is something worth investing - Vita-Mix Whole Food Blender. It looks like a regular blender but it has a 2 horse-power motor. Its power is big enough to liquefy fruits and veggies without having to strain them afterwards. And the best thing is - you don't have to cut your fruits or veggies into small pieces first, you can just throw them in, and trust me, they will be " liquefied" within 2 minutes. If you blend it for too long, you could even "cook" the juice. Google " Vita-Mix Blender" if you are interested. I've got a Super 5000 which has an extra dry container for grinding grains, but if you don't make breads like I do, it is not necessary to have it. Just the basic 4500 will do the job, variable speed dial is something not necessary to have at all. I have been using this blender everyday without failing for over a month now and I have never used any of my appliances for such a long time without losing interest. And I have been through a lot of appliances. This one is so easy to prepare and clean, it is just unbelievable. I blend one huge drink for breakfast every morning, takes me less than 5 min to prepare, from scratch. Kittydaddy has serious allergy on most of fruits, but he can consume this juice without any problem. It is like a miracle!!! Here is how we do it - The machine is slightly larger than a normal blender and much heavier.
Again, variable speed dial is a waste of money. Just get the base model, Vita-Mix 4500.
This is our breakfast menu. Clockwise from the top - Aloe Vera, Beets, Cucumber, Beets Green, Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Green Pepper, Celery, Apple and Pear. Usually I also add a handful of blueberries and grapes, but I was out of them this morning.
You simply just wash them and then break them into smaller pieces. ( You can leave them whole if you want, the machine is designed for that) I try to use all organic ingredients whenever possible.
Then I add about 2 cups of juice as a sweetener so I don't have to add any sugar or syrup. Keep in mind you will need a lot of liquid since all the fibers will be present after the blending.
Then I top it up with water. It will take a couple of times for you to figure out how much water and sweetness is to your liking. Then off you go - Blend!
2 minutes later, Viola!! Breakfast is ready!! What a beautiful color!!
It is not too pulpy if the right amount of water is added. It is of course a bit thicker than regular juice but think about all the wholesome goodness you are about to drink. And the thing is - It tastes delicious!
I know it is the best to drink it right away, but, no time, didn't get up early enough.
So I pack it into a cup of 44 oz and bring it with me. And kittydaddy drinks the rest, about another 44 oz. Boy am I full after drinking this big breakfast!
Because it is so easy to prepare and clean, I blend drinks whenever I am thirsty. Sometimes I just put in a couple of carrots and apples, and within a couple of minutes, I have a great refreshing drink. After a while, you just crave for this when you feel like drinking something.
If you ask me, I think everyone should have one of these.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brotherly Love II?

They say opposite attracts. I don't agree. Just look at me and my brother ~

We look alike.......just in different colors....mine certainly looks better...

We "lick" alike....although my tongue is not as long as his...yeah, a bit over to your right, Tigger...

We like the same spot...mom, Tigger is hugging my blankie....
We like to look out from the same window................and.............................. we even "shape" alike....
I like water.......
And so does my brother....
How can you not like each other when you are so much alike?

First Day Of Snow...

Valentine's day, first day of snow.

What did the groundhog predict?

Is it good that we only have snow this late in the winter?

Or is it bad that we still have snow this late in the winter?

Is the cup half-full?

Or half-empty?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Brotherly Love?

Our daily routine...Tigger, 17lb...Beans, 12lb...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Meow's Morning...

Meow: Hello there!
Meow: Come to papa!
Meow: Got ya!
( Kittymama: Notice the toothbrush in my hand?)
Meow: Mom, where did you put it?
Meow: Where is it, mom?
Meow: Ah ha! Got you again!
Meow: Time to go!
Meow: Give it back! Mom!
Kittymama: This is what goes on every morning in our bathroom. Meow usually waits there after we get up. As soon as you open the medicine cabinet, he is at work. Either the hair band or the cover of contact lenses container. If you go after him looking for it, he hides it right under his body and just lays there pretending nothing is going on. Only his wagging tail tells otherwise.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Is it that time in my life already?

Never thought one day I would be writing down my thoughts. Never even wrote a diary in my life before. So many thoughts that I want to remember though. I guess it is time to record to remember. Went to the hair salon the other day and read this from the " Interview" magazine. It was from Elizabeth Taylor. I really liked it. At this time of my life, I seem to understand and appreciate it more. By Elizabeth Taylor - " I treat the happiness I have now with great respect, great appreciation, because I know how fragile and precious it is - How easily it can go, I am more aware that happiness is a composite total, that it is some sort of sweet, safe heaven. To mean anything, it must consist of unhappiness." This blog is to reocord my life, my thoughts and my cats. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.