Saturday, February 10, 2007

Meow's Morning...

Meow: Hello there!
Meow: Come to papa!
Meow: Got ya!
( Kittymama: Notice the toothbrush in my hand?)
Meow: Mom, where did you put it?
Meow: Where is it, mom?
Meow: Ah ha! Got you again!
Meow: Time to go!
Meow: Give it back! Mom!
Kittymama: This is what goes on every morning in our bathroom. Meow usually waits there after we get up. As soon as you open the medicine cabinet, he is at work. Either the hair band or the cover of contact lenses container. If you go after him looking for it, he hides it right under his body and just lays there pretending nothing is going on. Only his wagging tail tells otherwise.

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