Monday, April 30, 2007


My camera was out of battery on Sunday so I didn't get to take photos of the BBQ ribs we had for dinner, but here are the rest ~

This is Banana ice cream with rum and praline. I was gonna make some green tea ice cream since I still need to make some minor adjustments in the ingredients, but then I saw the bananas and I knew they were gonna go bad if I don't use them......Voila!! Delicious just the way it is!! Homemade is the king!!!

I think I am in love of using Korean pancake mix. So easy, just mix with water then put in your favorite food. I used scallions this time which was delicious. I am going to use asparagus next week. Such an easy thing to whip up as breakfast.

One of the easiest thing to do when you feel lazy while making buns - make all of them into ball-shaped buns. Scallion Buns.

Tuna buns as requested.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


When I was looking for a pet fountain, no one could tell me which one was better, so I got the fancy looking one - the Catit cat fountain. It was a beautiful fountain. With a big blue globe as the reservoir and drinking water coming out from top spreading all over the globe. KDD said, "It looks like a neon blue disco ball, can we have a party?" Well, the party...that we did have.....

Though he would have preferred a bigger drinking pool, Meow liked it okay. He accepted it and started drinking from it without a problem. Beans, Beans loved to lick the globe. In fact, that was the only way he would drink from it. He was drinking lots of water, he just enjoyed it very much. And Tigger, Tigger loved it too...maybe a bit too much....

Tigger loved it so much that he made his mission to flip the ball upside down. Not possible? Not in Monster T's dictionary, sorry. He always managed to flip the ball by grabbing its flow regulator( the flower on top). By the time I got home to see it, my wood floor would be soaked, the filter inside disappeared and a real fountain magically appeared in my living room.

So I took off the flow regulator. Fine, without it, water would only cover 1/3 of the globe. But, what the heck, as long as it gets the job done. " Now that he doesn't have a handle to grip on, I shouldn't have to worry", I thought.

WRONG!! That is if you are dealing with a normal cat. But with Tigger, he slipped his "fingers" underneath the ball and "FLIP"!! Off the ball went!!

Beans: Ah! So this was where the magic water come from....

This was what I had to do before I went to sleep every night. Just so if it flipped, or should I say "when" it does flip, my mat could soak up the water first....Clockwise - my sitting cushion, my bigger sitting cushion and my bathroom floor mat.....

You have to understand, my wood floor was peeling off because of the soaking it's been through. So was my coffee table which was the first victim....I couldn't sleep well at night because I was so paranoid, I was constantly getting up to check on the fountain......and finally...


I bought another fountain and hoped it would make a difference. A Petmate Fresh Flow!

It wasn't easy. Tigger took it apart the first night. But with this one, we could tape down the reservoir. So after a few incidents, including I came home only to fine the top and the filter had gone missing, we now can sleep at night without having to worry. If you look closely, you can see the fountain is back up to the corner where Tigger couldn't stick his fingers in. HA! I beat him. Hallelujah! Peace on earth!!

Here is the summary - both fountains have about the same amount on the reservoirs

Catit - Pros : pretty, cats like to lick the globe though I am a bit concerned about cleanliness because of it, filters water though filters are a bit pricey.

Cons : small and shallow water pool

Petmate - Pros: Water falls down the slide which cats love to drink from. Big water pool.


1. Design is a bit stupid, their filter is behind their motor, which means motor is drawing in unfiltered water, which mean motor is filtering water.

2. I had to throw away the filter( thank god I use natural spring water) because only very little amount of water can pass through if filter is used, which makes the water pool looks like a dead pool, no appealing at all.

3. Wastes lots of water. Once water goes below motor level, while there is still lots of water left, motor starts to choke. We have to change water before it is needed.

4. Lots of hard to clean corners.

So there, I don't have a choice, but if you do, I hope this will help.

MY SUNDAYS - Pork Center Loin Roast

Made loads of sweet milk buns last Sunday. 奶酥包. Gave most of them to KDD's sister and parents. They are such a eye pleaser.

Then I quickly roasted up a Center Loin Pork Roast. Again, with rosemary, my favorite herb. Very very juice. Somehow I rarely cook pork, but I should start cooking pork more often, they are just too delicious to miss.

I finished off the sparkling wine from Saturday night. This is a good wine, very light, a little on the sweet side but just perfect for me. And, most importantly, drinking it won't break your bank.

And for dessert, I made some green tea ice cream. Such a difference when ice cream is home made. I used the Mocha Powder I bought in Japan from last year. It was very very good. I made it a bit too rich this time...but still good....just need some minor adjustment...

Friends canceled on us last Saturday night but I already had the food ready, so, what the heck, truffle mouse pate, salami...sparkling wine...their loss.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The weather is finally turning around. With the warm breeze of air, the vibrant colors of the fruits and the sun shinning right outside our window, even my boys couldn't resist sun bathing together while I indulging in the first strawberries of the season. Boy were they sweet!

Tigger: I wish I could go to the beach...................and catch myself some fish....

Beans: What are you looking at? Any big birds?

Meow: Prince does not sun bath with peasants. I sun bath in my own private suite as royals do. 王子豈可與庶民同混! 哼!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Sometimes I see Meow coming back for a second round of food, dipping his head into Tigger's bowl, eating canned food while he still has dry left in his bowl. I guess what you don't have is always the best. Are we finally making progress?

Friday, April 20, 2007

The Mysterious Suicide

Came home after work and this was what I found, Meow's dry food all over the kitchen floor. What happened!?

Teeth marks everywhere but not one cat in sight....

Looks like the bag was chewed by a dog....but we don't have one...

Meow: I have no idea. I have been waiting here for dinner the whole time....see...

Beans: Don't ask me, I have been napping on this spot ever since noon....

Tigger: I don't know mommy. I have been keeping an eye on your shoes for you. I haven't moved for even one bit.

Tigger: I think I saw the bag jumped down from the kitchen counter itself though....

KMM: No one wanted dinner that night. I guess they already helped themselves to the buffet. I had no doubt who did it - Tigger! Who else? Because of him, I have to keep the food in the cabinet. This is what happens if I forget. One time I even had to get up at 3:oo in the morning just to pick the bag up from the floor because I was woken up by the noise of him tearing the bag.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


All right, time to see what the boys have been feeding on......Meal time is such a big deal in the house....cats meowing...oven heating....cats fighting....cats climbing up my leg......all the is a peek of what is in their food....

Derm Caps - For healthy skin and shiny coats. I usually don't get to add this to their food. They won't eat the food if I do. It's that simple. I scoop them up and quickly squirt 1/2 syringe into their mouths. And then apologize like a crazy woman......sorry, baby, mommy is sorry......treats usually don't work at this time since all they want to do is to go away to get rid of the fishy smell in their mouths...

Wellness Cans - This is the only food they eat now. Chicken Formula or Beef and Chicken Formula. Smells like real food, I have to say. I am very tempted to give it a try... maybe one of these days I'd spread it on a piece of cracker, like Pate....

L-Lysine - Bought this for Beans, pretty worry about his infection then.

Echinacea - Now this is something I add in a few days a week, to boost their immune system. I tried to get KDD to take it too, but he never remembers to...

Vitamin E - This was for my poor Tigger's nose....everyone gets it in the food...

Zinc - Again, for Tigger...I had to try...

Vitamin tabs - Now, this I give only half a tablet at a time. If Meow eats a full one, he gets constipated...

Wellness Dry - Last but not least, Meow's victory, Tigger's anger and my lost battle....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BARF DIET II - Patience! Patience!

So, how many days have we been onto this BARF transition days? I don't know, lost counts totally, but I do know I am not winning the battle at all. At least not for now...

What do you do when your stubborn cat just wouldn't budge? Let him starve to death? I think not.

Meow was only good for one day after I mixed the dry with the wet for him. Now he has taken one step forward - He wants only dry!!! I rub the bowl with wet food before I put the dry in so that he can get used to the wet, but he would not touch the dry if it had touched the wet.

  • To make the matter worse, Tigger was very upset because Meow was eating different food than him, he refused to eat for a little while, two meals to be exact, but thank god for his "easily given in" nature, he is back on wet. I can't switch the food unless they are all eating the same, so patience we will have....the war is on....

    The question is - How can I win?

    Tigger: to get my hands on those...

    Beans: How about some food, mom? Hurry up!! We are soooo hungry!!!

    Meow: Why don't I sample the food for you guys first...

    Ready, mom????

    We are ready!

    Chow down time!

    5 minutes later.....Meow barely touched his food....

    What should I do???

    Monday, April 16, 2007

    My Sundays - Leftover Day

    The weather was perfect on Sunday! It was rainy and windy. A perfect day to just stay home and do nothing but drinking tea and eating cookies. Life's little luxurious moment!

    Okay, buns is a sure thing on Sundays, almost. Whipped up some cinnabuns and custard buns. Frankly, I am not a cinnamon lover, actually, not at all. But, this bun is so popular that I just make it from time to time. I mean, I can always just have the custard buns...

    Then for dinner, we had the left over food from Friday night and Saturday night. Some chicken over rice and this " best in the city" British Fish and Chips from A Salt and Battery. Not bad at all, I have to say. And then I quickly whipped up a Lichee Martini on the rocks. Voila! Here you go!

    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    My Macaroons

    I should say - My Laduree's Macaroons. A friend went to London for a visit and I asked her to get me Laduree's macaroons. They are the best macaroons there is. Unfortunately, not sold in USA. But if you ever get a chance, while you are in France or England, be sure to try them. Try the big ones, I think they are better because you can taste the texture better than the small ones.