Monday, April 16, 2007

My Sundays - Leftover Day

The weather was perfect on Sunday! It was rainy and windy. A perfect day to just stay home and do nothing but drinking tea and eating cookies. Life's little luxurious moment!

Okay, buns is a sure thing on Sundays, almost. Whipped up some cinnabuns and custard buns. Frankly, I am not a cinnamon lover, actually, not at all. But, this bun is so popular that I just make it from time to time. I mean, I can always just have the custard buns...

Then for dinner, we had the left over food from Friday night and Saturday night. Some chicken over rice and this " best in the city" British Fish and Chips from A Salt and Battery. Not bad at all, I have to say. And then I quickly whipped up a Lichee Martini on the rocks. Voila! Here you go!

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