Thursday, April 5, 2007

My TV Time

  • K. DD is watching TV.

Why is his right arm raised?

Ah-ha! He is supporting a tent for the T monster...

T Monster : What are you doing? I am trying to sleep.

K. mama: TV watching is not an easy thing in our house any more. Not after Tigger discovered the best seat in the house and decided to claim it as his own.

If he sees you sitting on "his" spot, he would come over and "ask" for it back. If you don't give in, he would act like a poor orphan until you get your bud off the seat. So we compromise by giving him a tent so he can hide inside and have fun. He is very happy but, boy, are our arms sore!!

  • This is what happens after he gets you out of "his" spot....

  • Our best seat in the house....this sweet just can't win....

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