Saturday, March 24, 2007

B.A.R.F. Diary 1 - Meow's Triumph

In order to get the boys ready for B.A.R.F. diet, I need to switch them to be eating canned food only first so they can get used to the texture.

Tough job! Simply because the only cat who eats canned food in this household is Beans. Meow and Tigger just don't want any. 10 days after serving only canned food 2 times a day, Beans is in food heaven and Meow and Tigger have lost a lot of weight. Don't they eat? Yes, but only enough to get by...

Meow is the worst. He only takes 2 licks of the food and then walks away from it. Wasn't he hungry? Oh, yeah, very. He would stare at you intensively while you were watching TV with the look of " Don't you love me any more" on his face. He would sit by his food table and silently begs for food when you go into the kitchen. Not just any food, but dry food. If you ignore him, he would then start licking the food table and the empty bowls to show you how hungry he is, but as soon as you scoop some canned food into his bowl, he walks away.

The book says, " Starve them if you need to. Their survival instinct will eventually kick in and they will eat. " And I thought," Okay, Meow, if you were in a shelter, you wouldn't have a choice and I am sure you will survive."

Easy to say but soooooo hard to do! How do you say no? Those trusting eyes, so innocent!!

So, I caved in. After 10 days of struggling, after touching his " bonier" body, after picking him up and feeling the loss of weight. I caved in. Yes, I did. Now I mix dry food in the wet to get him to eat.

Kittydaddy told me," Too bad, he might have caved in first if you would have waited a couple more days."

Well, I am not about to take that chance. I guess Meow knows he has the upper hand.

Round one. Meow won. Mama lost.

Meow: Mom, where is my food? Don't you love me no more? Am I not your favorite child?

  • Beans: Mommy! Food! Food! Hurry up, mommy! in the stomachs....

  • This was when they were done. As you can see. Meow barely touched his food.
    • So now he gets this...because he had earned it???
    • Meow: What do you mean " Upper Hand"?

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    Poor Whom?

    Heard Meow screaming. Very loud this time and lasted very long.

    When I went over, this was what I Monster T, Tigger, standing right in the middle of it, chewing on Meow's hair.... This is not the first time and it won't be the last....what happened?

    What had happened was Tigger loves Meow. He loves Meow so much that he wants to follow Meow around, he wants to be Meow's pal, he wants Meow to lick him and pamper him, he wants to be in Meow's life. But Meow is a people cat who loves people more than cats. He doesn't want Tigger to follow him like this. He wants Tigger to leave him alone.

    So here is what happened, and this happens all the time.... Tigger must had followed Meow for a while seeking companionship but was totally rejected by Meow, so at the end he turned on Meow out of humiliation.....If he would had seeked comfort from Beans, who is his friend, things would have been fine, but he just wants to be with Meow...He really looks up to his big brother................................and the result is this...always the same....what do you do?......

    Poor Tigger?

    Poor Meow?

    My 200% Tigger

    Tigger is such a cute little boy. Anything he does, he does it 200%. He plays 200% , that's why he is full of muscles. He talks 200%, that's why he always gets what he wants. And because he is a Bengal, he has pelt, not fur. He is 200% silkier than any other cats, your hand simply "slips off" when you pet him. And here he is, sleeping 200%, like an angle... my little baby...
    • The only thing that bothers me and him is his nose. It cracks 200%! It cracks so bad that my heart aches when I see it. Does it bother him? It doesn't seem so, he still sticks his nose where it doesn't belong. But does it hurt? I have no doubt, a nose is such a sensitive body part after all.

    Tigger has been living with this nose ever since he was a baby. We've tried everything to make it better, ointments, Vitamine E, Zinc, Fatty name it, we've done it. And no, the vet said he is not dehydrated at all. She said it could be in the genes since his father was like this when he was young. But Tigger will be 2 in May!!

    She puts him on topical sterois. " If it doesn't get better, than I will have to inject him with sterois" she said. And that doesn't garantee anything. Frankly, I am not a big fan on any drugs going into my boys' bodies. One thing I know for sure is, it will stress his little kidneys.

    Here you can see how his paws are so dry that you can see the white cracked lines....something must be lacking in his diet... some sort of vitamines...
    The topical sterois helped a little. But if we stop using it, his conditon returns. I know if I bring him to the vet now, he is getting the sterois shot which is something I strongly object to, so I researched and researched and I finally decided to put him on the BARF diet. B.A.R.F. diet meaning - " Biologically Appropriate Raw Food" diet. The boys will be on raw food from now on and, of course, the transition will be slow at the beginning. I am certain this will be good for them and I hope it will also improve my Tigger's condition 200%!

    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    My IRobot

    Okay, finally got myself one of these. Trying to keep up, you know, with the world... The fact is, I wondered how good it could be. A cleaning robot? "No big deal," said my mom, " Talk to me when you've got one that can scrub the kitchen sink clean." Well, that's asking a bit much, if you ask me. What this robot can do, however, is 95% of what you can do. It makes up the rest of 5% by the ability to clean a few times a week, if you let it, that is. I was looking for a robot to vacuum a couple times a week without me having to whip out the big machine. I've got just that. Does it get the job done? Yes. Does it make your life easier? Absolutely! You simply just let it out and leave. You house will be clean when you return. If you have carpeted floor or area rugs that constantly need to be cleaned like mine and you don't have much time to do it. This is for you. But if you have only wood floor, I think a Swifer Max will do the job.

    Thursday, March 8, 2007

    Friday Night Fever

    Friday night is our Happy Hours. See how high the boys can get...~_~'

    It's That Time Of The Month---Part III

    Meow: Why am I not nerves about that time of the month?

    • Meow: obviously don't know anything about me, do you?

    Meow: I am a " Maine Coon"! Which means I am one of the largest domestic cat there is! My frame can easily carry over 20lb of body weight. And on top of that, I do not pig out.

    Meow: I don't need to do anything extra, I just need to be myself.
    • Kittymama: Meow, 16.5lb!! Perfect, baby, keep it up!!!

    Meow: What did I tell you? I guess some cats just have good genes...