Thursday, March 15, 2007

Poor Whom?

Heard Meow screaming. Very loud this time and lasted very long.

When I went over, this was what I Monster T, Tigger, standing right in the middle of it, chewing on Meow's hair.... This is not the first time and it won't be the last....what happened?

What had happened was Tigger loves Meow. He loves Meow so much that he wants to follow Meow around, he wants to be Meow's pal, he wants Meow to lick him and pamper him, he wants to be in Meow's life. But Meow is a people cat who loves people more than cats. He doesn't want Tigger to follow him like this. He wants Tigger to leave him alone.

So here is what happened, and this happens all the time.... Tigger must had followed Meow for a while seeking companionship but was totally rejected by Meow, so at the end he turned on Meow out of humiliation.....If he would had seeked comfort from Beans, who is his friend, things would have been fine, but he just wants to be with Meow...He really looks up to his big brother................................and the result is this...always the same....what do you do?......

Poor Tigger?

Poor Meow?

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