Thursday, March 15, 2007

My 200% Tigger

Tigger is such a cute little boy. Anything he does, he does it 200%. He plays 200% , that's why he is full of muscles. He talks 200%, that's why he always gets what he wants. And because he is a Bengal, he has pelt, not fur. He is 200% silkier than any other cats, your hand simply "slips off" when you pet him. And here he is, sleeping 200%, like an angle... my little baby...
  • The only thing that bothers me and him is his nose. It cracks 200%! It cracks so bad that my heart aches when I see it. Does it bother him? It doesn't seem so, he still sticks his nose where it doesn't belong. But does it hurt? I have no doubt, a nose is such a sensitive body part after all.

Tigger has been living with this nose ever since he was a baby. We've tried everything to make it better, ointments, Vitamine E, Zinc, Fatty name it, we've done it. And no, the vet said he is not dehydrated at all. She said it could be in the genes since his father was like this when he was young. But Tigger will be 2 in May!!

She puts him on topical sterois. " If it doesn't get better, than I will have to inject him with sterois" she said. And that doesn't garantee anything. Frankly, I am not a big fan on any drugs going into my boys' bodies. One thing I know for sure is, it will stress his little kidneys.

Here you can see how his paws are so dry that you can see the white cracked lines....something must be lacking in his diet... some sort of vitamines...
The topical sterois helped a little. But if we stop using it, his conditon returns. I know if I bring him to the vet now, he is getting the sterois shot which is something I strongly object to, so I researched and researched and I finally decided to put him on the BARF diet. B.A.R.F. diet meaning - " Biologically Appropriate Raw Food" diet. The boys will be on raw food from now on and, of course, the transition will be slow at the beginning. I am certain this will be good for them and I hope it will also improve my Tigger's condition 200%!

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Rose said...

will be interesting to find out if the raw diet work?