Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MY SUNDAYS - Pork Center Loin Roast

Made loads of sweet milk buns last Sunday. 奶酥包. Gave most of them to KDD's sister and parents. They are such a eye pleaser.

Then I quickly roasted up a Center Loin Pork Roast. Again, with rosemary, my favorite herb. Very very juice. Somehow I rarely cook pork, but I should start cooking pork more often, they are just too delicious to miss.

I finished off the sparkling wine from Saturday night. This is a good wine, very light, a little on the sweet side but just perfect for me. And, most importantly, drinking it won't break your bank.

And for dessert, I made some green tea ice cream. Such a difference when ice cream is home made. I used the Mocha Powder I bought in Japan from last year. It was very very good. I made it a bit too rich this time...but still good....just need some minor adjustment...

Friends canceled on us last Saturday night but I already had the food ready, so, what the heck, truffle mouse pate, salami...sparkling wine...their loss.

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