Monday, February 19, 2007

My Vita-Mix, My Breakfast

Now this is something worth investing - Vita-Mix Whole Food Blender. It looks like a regular blender but it has a 2 horse-power motor. Its power is big enough to liquefy fruits and veggies without having to strain them afterwards. And the best thing is - you don't have to cut your fruits or veggies into small pieces first, you can just throw them in, and trust me, they will be " liquefied" within 2 minutes. If you blend it for too long, you could even "cook" the juice. Google " Vita-Mix Blender" if you are interested. I've got a Super 5000 which has an extra dry container for grinding grains, but if you don't make breads like I do, it is not necessary to have it. Just the basic 4500 will do the job, variable speed dial is something not necessary to have at all. I have been using this blender everyday without failing for over a month now and I have never used any of my appliances for such a long time without losing interest. And I have been through a lot of appliances. This one is so easy to prepare and clean, it is just unbelievable. I blend one huge drink for breakfast every morning, takes me less than 5 min to prepare, from scratch. Kittydaddy has serious allergy on most of fruits, but he can consume this juice without any problem. It is like a miracle!!! Here is how we do it - The machine is slightly larger than a normal blender and much heavier.
Again, variable speed dial is a waste of money. Just get the base model, Vita-Mix 4500.
This is our breakfast menu. Clockwise from the top - Aloe Vera, Beets, Cucumber, Beets Green, Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Green Pepper, Celery, Apple and Pear. Usually I also add a handful of blueberries and grapes, but I was out of them this morning.
You simply just wash them and then break them into smaller pieces. ( You can leave them whole if you want, the machine is designed for that) I try to use all organic ingredients whenever possible.
Then I add about 2 cups of juice as a sweetener so I don't have to add any sugar or syrup. Keep in mind you will need a lot of liquid since all the fibers will be present after the blending.
Then I top it up with water. It will take a couple of times for you to figure out how much water and sweetness is to your liking. Then off you go - Blend!
2 minutes later, Viola!! Breakfast is ready!! What a beautiful color!!
It is not too pulpy if the right amount of water is added. It is of course a bit thicker than regular juice but think about all the wholesome goodness you are about to drink. And the thing is - It tastes delicious!
I know it is the best to drink it right away, but, no time, didn't get up early enough.
So I pack it into a cup of 44 oz and bring it with me. And kittydaddy drinks the rest, about another 44 oz. Boy am I full after drinking this big breakfast!
Because it is so easy to prepare and clean, I blend drinks whenever I am thirsty. Sometimes I just put in a couple of carrots and apples, and within a couple of minutes, I have a great refreshing drink. After a while, you just crave for this when you feel like drinking something.
If you ask me, I think everyone should have one of these.


alice said...

These are great juice. Very refreshing too :)

ilun said...

不知道跟貴夫人差多少 ..好心動